Relocation of a wood-sorting system

Large-scale system transported in a total of 170 truckloads

SCHOLPP Stuttgart handled the complete relocation of a tree-trunk sorting system for Pfeifer Holz GmbH, based in the Bavarian town of Unterbernbach. Moving the large-scale system from Gaildorf, north of Stuttgart, to the vicinity of Fulda required 170 truckloads in all.

Pfeifer is a leading provider in the European wood industry. The core business of the internationally established group of companies is the industrial processing of coniferous wood. The product range covers everything from sawn lumber and planed products, concrete form panels and supports to laminated wood, solid wood panels and even pallet blocks, briquettes, and pellets. Shipments are made to customers in 90 countries worldwide.

Pfeifer Holz GmbH commissioned SCHOLPP Stuttgart to relocate a large-scale sorting system for tree trunks within three weeks. The complete system was transported in 170 truckloads from Gaildorf, northeast of Stuttgart, to Schlitz, near Fulda. SCHOLPP assumed full responsibility for loading the system parts on the trucks and securing the loads. All cargo as well as the materials used for securing and clamping were documented in text and with pictures. The customer was provided with all information directly and promptly. This meant our client was always up-to-date with all load information. For this contract, the SCHOLPP team in Stuttgart set up a complete office on site in order to produce the just-in-time documentation.

The destination for the wood-sorting system was Schlitz, near Fulda. Thanks to the precise documentation of loading and transport, our customer Pfeifer always had an overview of when each component would leave the old location and arrive at the new location.

Relocation of a wood-sorting system
Relocation of a wood-sorting system
Relocation of a wood-sorting system
Relocation of a wood-sorting system
Relocation of a wood-sorting system

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Pfeifer Holz GmbH


Mechanical engineering

Project type:

Rigging projects


Dismantling, loading, and transporting a sorting system for tree trunks

Equipment used:

2 x 8 t fork lifts (diesel), 8 t forklift (electric), 40 t assembly trolley

Unique factors:

Magnitude of loading capacity of 170 trucks, complete logistical processing, complex just-in-time documentation of load securing

Contact person:

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