Relocation of an impregnation and coating plant to Sassenberg

SCHOLPP Montage GmbH and PTC PressEngineering GmbH demonstrated their excellent teamwork in a complex machine relocation involving retrofitting and reconfiguration.

BauschLinnemann GmbH, part of SURTECO SE, asked the SCHOLPP Group to relocate and optimize a bought-in impregnation and coating system. At the same time, BauschLinnemann was able to benefit from the expertise of the different specialist companies in the SCHOLPP Group.

SCHOLPP Montage GmbH dismantled the system at its previous location in Bavaria, transported it to the BauschLinnemann facility in Sassenberg, and then reconstructed and reconfigured it. As part of the project, BauschLinnemann commissioned PTC PressEngineering GmbH, which also belongs to the SCHOLPP Group, to upgrade and modernize the complete system before recommissioning it.

SCHOLPP was able to demonstrate its expertise in complex relocations. This project required complete mechanical and electrical dismantling of the system, expert transportation and precise reconstruction of the production plant using optical alignment systems.

Within the project team, PTC PressEngineering was responsible for the repair of individual sections, modernization (in particular modernizing the drive technology), software development and customization, and the electrical installation of the plant and its new components. All the electrical modifications for the retrofit were based on new circuit diagrams created by PTC. PTC engineers also supported BauschLinnemann with system recommissioning. A safety assessment including a declaration of conformity in accordance with the Machinery Directive and CE marking was also part of the specification.

SCHOLPP and PTC apply a systematic approach, enabling them to perform this task quickly and efficiently. The optimization of operational structures through new machine technology led to a significant improvement in the production process. The project team of contractors SCHOLPP and PTC and the client BauschLinnemann worked brilliantly together and completed the project ahead of schedule. Production using the reconfigured system could begin two weeks earlier than planned.

Reinhold Affhüppe, Managing Director of BauschLinnemann, expressed his satisfaction: “Our ambitious schedule for this project was driven by the challenge of supplying customers with products from this modern production line. This was no ordinary task, and we are pleased to have had the right partner by our side in the SCHOLPP Group.”

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