Relocation of production lines within the works

Moving machinery in the packaging industry

Production lines converted: Linder GmbH from Buchholz in der Nordheide specializes in packaging systems for securing cargo. The Lower-Saxony-based company manufactures belts, devices and machinery for the strapping of industrial products. Its production line needed converting, so SCHOLPP was commissioned to relocate machinery within the works.

Dismantling and loading

SCHOLPP has been working for its client Linder since 2015. The packaging experts had already used SCHOLPP’s installation and transport expertise for internal relocations many times. The project began with the dismantling of two webbing lines, a hot melt line and two bending machines. The production technology was loaded and prepared for transport to Istanbul.

Electrical and mechanical dismantling and reinstallation

Once space had been made, the SCHOLPP team relocated three further hot melt production lines. Several machines weighing up to four metric tons needed to be moved to achieve this. The scope of services for the project included the electrical and mechanical dismantling and reinstallation, transport within the works using heavy-duty rollers and electric forklifts as well as aligning the plants. The most demanding part of this project was the alignment, which SCHOLPP managed to carry out with the utmost precision and to the client’s satisfaction prior to project completion.

SCHOLPP: Moving machines in the packaging industry
SCHOLPP: Moving machines in the packaging industry
SCHOLPP: Moving machines in the packaging industry
SCHOLPP: Moving machines in the packaging industry

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Linder GmbH


Packaging industry

Project type:

Rigging projects


Dismantle, relocate and reinstall production lines for the packaging industry, including millwrighting and aligning

Equipment used:

Heavy-duty rollers, electric forklift with white tires for environmentally friendly and emission-free works-internal transport

Unique factors:

Aligning the systems

Contact person:

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