Relocation of a Cerutti gravure press to South Africa

Times may be tough for the printing industry, but SCHOLPP continues to receive challenging jobs from companies in this sector. On one of these projects, SCHOLPP relocated a gravure press, along with its extensive equipment, on behalf of the South African printer CTP Gravure. After purchasing a Cerutti R 530 from the Karlsruhe-based company Badenia Verlag und Druckerei, CTP commissioned SCHOLPP to relocate the gravure press to CTP’s facility in Durban, South Africa. SCHOLPP moved around 1000 tonnes of equipment and was responsible for managing the entire project. Once the construction site had been planned and set up, the next task was to meticulously matchmark, pack and document the system components. SCHOLPP was solely responsible for all on-site packing. Every day, two containers out of a total of 76 were packed and transported to Hamburg, where they were loaded onto a container ship. In addition, 22 extra-heavy crates had to be transported to Antwerp and shipped separately from there. Smooth customs clearance proved to be a significant challenge. To avoid taking each individual component through customs separately, the entire system was handled by the Karlsruhe customs office at the former location. The SCHOLPP team was able to move in, reassemble and hand over the gravure press in Durban on schedule.

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CTP Gravure


Printing industry

Project type:

International relocation projects


Relocation of a Cerutti gravure press with additional equipment and overseas packaging to CTP Gravure in Durban, South Africa

Equipment used:

Hydraulic lifting gantry, S-TG 120, cable gantry, mobile cranes

Unique factors:

Comprehensive logistics management, customs clearance in Karlsruhe before dismantling and packing

Contact person:

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