Transport and installation of cooling systems

Bringing refrigeration systems to GLOBUS store, Chemnitz

A stone-cold success: The transportation and installation of cooling systems is part of routine operations. SCHOLPP travels all over Germany for the leading manufacturers of cooling systems. Nevertheless, this job for Dresdner Kühlanlagenbau GmbH went far beyond the routine: the project involved multiple heavy-duty system components, a complicated building opening location on the upper floor as well as frosty temperatures.

The new GLOBUS store in south Chemnitz had ordered a cooling system from the Saxon refrigeration system specialist based in Dresden. The new cooling system is intended to keep food fresh at the Globus store in the future. At the request of the client, SCHOLPP carried out the job of bringing in the components for the cooling system in winter, while construction work was being conducted. All of the installation days over the course of three weeks saw fresh, or indeed icy temperatures.

Complicated conditions for maneuvering

The first and simultaneously most difficult task on the agenda involved bringing in a compound refrigeration system. With a height of almost five meters and a weight of four metric tons, the unit was to be transported into the upper floor of the Globus store via an installation opening. The height of the unit and the tight opening weren’t the only things making this job such a challenge; it was made even more complicated when these two factors were combined with the location of the building opening and the space available for parking the crane.

Given the spatial conditions, the SCHOLPP team therefore decided on a solution involving a tandem lift. The 50-t truck-mounted crane firstly unloaded the compound refrigeration system from the truck and lifted it up to the building opening. This process was coordinated by a specialist fitter on a lifting platform, with an additional fitter positioned inside the building. The system had to be moved towards the narrow building opening with no pendulum movement, and then, with one edge inside the building, set down on heavy-duty rollers.

Tandem lift with truck-mounted crane and loading crane truck

This procedure pushed the maneuverability of the truck-mounted crane to its limits. A special SCHOLPP loading crane truck then took over, with its crane arm making it particularly agile in restricted spaces. The specialist fitter on the lifting platform attached the system to the loading crane with straps, and released it from the hook on the truck-mounted crane. The precise and variable loading crane lifted the unit and slid it safely into the building with the help of the heavy-duty rollers.

After this tricky warm-up, which made everyone forget about the freezing outdoor temperatures for a few minutes, the SCHOLPP team started to unload other components onto the roof of the building using the truck-mounted crane. One of these components was a gas cooler weighing four metric tons. The components were precisely positioned and prepared for installation. To complete the project, various switch cabinets were unloaded and brought into the upper floor on two further days. These components were firstly unloaded from the truck using a truck-mounted crane before being transported into the upper floor of the building with a telehandler. All components reached their final installation position by the required deadline, and have been reliably performing their ice-cold daily work ever since.

SCHOLPP: Transport and installation of cooling systems
SCHOLPP: Transport and installation of cooling systems
SCHOLPP: Transport and installation of cooling systems
SCHOLPP: Transport and installation of cooling systems
SCHOLPP: Transport and installation of cooling systems

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Dresdner Kühlanlagenbau GmbH


Power plant engineering

Project type:

Rigging projects


Installation and Bringing refrigeration systems and cooling systems to GLOBUS store, Chemnitz

Equipment used:

Truck-mounted crane (50 metric tons), loading crane truck, telehandler, lifting platform, heavy-duty rollers, tool container

Unique factors:

Tandem lift with truck-mounted crane and loading crane truck

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