Tryout press modernization

The objective of this PTC project was to significantly increase the operating speed of a 2300-tonne hydraulic tryout press in the toolmaking shop of a well-known German vehicle manufacturer and to reconfigure the drawing cushion to include six control axes. This involved completely re-engineering the tryout press, simulating the planned alterations, and redesigning the hydraulic control blocks and ram accumulator stations. The PTC team also modified the ram cylinder, handled project planning and the installation of the new piping system, the mechanical alteration of the drawing cushion, design and delivery of additional cushion cylinders, plus the new electronic control, visualization and wiring. Full commissioning, safety acceptance and employee training were also included in the extensive array of tasks. The safety of the hydraulic control was a high priority in this project, and this challenge was mastered perfectly by the specialists from PTC PressEngineering.

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Project type:

Modernization / Retrofitting


Increased the operating speed of a hydraulic tryout press and reconfigured the drawing cushion from a 4-point to a 6-point cushion on behalf of an automobile manufacturer

Unique factors:

Design of new control blocks and deflection adaptations. Coordination of various trades such as steel construction, mechanical and hydraulic alterations, electrical retrofit, installation of terminal boxes and pipework.

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