Factory relocation

Meeting the factory relocation challenge

A factory relocation is one of the most challenging and complex tasks facing a manufacturing business and it is vital to get it right first time to keep costs and disruption to a minimum. To ensure a company is able to reap the benefits of its factory relocation as quickly as possible the whole process needs to be handled expertly, particularly when it comes to moving heavy plant. As the specialist expertise needed to do this without damaging equipment is not often available within an in-house production team, the solution is to call in the professionals. SCHOLPP has been involved in factory relocation for over 50 years and has advanced expertise in the business of moving heavy plant. With over 1,200 employees and a fleet of cranes, trucks and specialised rigging equipment that is the largest and best of its kind in Europe it has the resources to tackle any factory relocation project, no matter how challenging.

Factory relocation experts

SCHOLPP's personnel are used to challenges. They are highly trained and equipped with the latest lifting and moving gear that enables them to make the impossible possible. Projects like manoeuvring Europe's longest escalator, weighing 30 tons, into place with only centimetres to spare on either side; like the factory relocation of a printing plant across the Atlantic in over 100 separate containers; or moving heavy loads over floors with borderline load-bearing capacity. What sets the SCHOLPP service apart is the flexibility it can offer a factory relocation project. All services are available on a modular basis so a customer is able to tailor a factory relocation package to suit his precise needs, from an all-inclusive package in which SCHOLPP handles every aspect of the project to the use of a specialist service such as the lifting and moving of heavy machinery.