Industrial rigging

Industrial rigging takes the strain

In the world of heavy plant transport the equipment that literally ties the whole job together is industrial rigging. It is at the heart of every part of the specialist SCHOLPP process, from lifting the machinery to moving it onto transport and keeping it secure during the journey. And on arrival it is the industrial rigging, used in combination with specialist lifting equipment, which ensures the machinery is moved into position safely and accurately. The demands are extreme when it comes to using industrial rigging to relocate and install plant that can weigh tens or even hundreds of tons and extend the length of two football pitches. Despite these immense dimensions, the loads have to be secured and moved with utmost care and precision - sometimes around the globe. SCHOLPP has met that challenge by investing in a range of machinery and industrial rigging that is unparalleled in Europe.

Experts in industrial rigging

After over half a century in the industry SCHOLPP has unrivalled expertise in the business of moving heavy machinery. The company's highly trained staff are experts in utilising industrial rigging to get heavy machinery from one site to another safely, cost effectively and with the minimum amount of disruption to production. Whether it's a record-breaking escalator or a newspaper's entire print works, they have the knowledge needed to assess the job and select the best industrial rigging to get the task done. It is a highly specialised task as the machinery is often highly sensitive and any movement has to be done without misalignment or damage. The industrial rigging has to be in the best possible condition and safety checks are essential. With over 11,000 pieces of industrial rigging and other equipment checked every year SCHOLPP leaves nothing to chance; just one of the many reasons it is a leader in the field.