Machine relocation

The Process of Machine Relocation

Moving, relocating, positioning and hauling heavy duty systems and industrial equipment requires a highly experienced, resourceful and skilled approach only achieved by professional rigging companies. Machine relocation in any context is an arduous and lengthy process which demands planning, in-depth knowledge and specialist equipment which can be hard to come by. Vehicles and heavy load machinery used by construction and production facilities often consist of several unique and tentative mechanical components which must be treated in such a way as to not disrupt or interfere with its functioning. Even more delicate tools demand a certain degree of care in handling and moving. Unsuccessful machine relocation due to insufficient resources or equipment, lack of specialist knowledge or skills or poor planning can cause huge problems for plants and industrial facilities alike, such as project hold-ups and extra unforeseen costs. Working with a professional company can avoid these potential pitfalls in machine relocation and help you to successfully complete your relocation needs within your timescale.

Experts in Machine Relocation

With an unrivalled pool of cranes and a huge variety of other specialist equipment crucial for machine relocation on any scale, SCHOLPP are market leaders in machine relocation and moving. SCHOLPP offer a total solutions approach to any machine relocation project both regionally and internationally. From the most basic machinery moving needs to large scale relocations of entire factories and facilities, SCHOLPP will tailor their services to meet the unique demands of your project no matter how big, small or even seemingly impossible! SCHOLPP employees are highly trained and consistently updated of the latest in technological innovations which are relevant to the industry. Combining over 50 years experience, the best equipment available and the most current technical knowledge with a strong focus on customer service, SCHOLPP will find the best solutions to meet your needs - guaranteed.