Machine rigging

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Machine rigging brings technology to the task

Machine rigging is not just about the equipment used to lift heavy plant - it is also very much concerned with the techniques involved. When the demands are as great as those facing today's machine rigging specialists both the equipment and techniques have to be at the very forefront of technology. Engineers in the machine rigging business face exacting challenges - constraints imposed on a job by limited space or time, the sheer size of the plant involved, demanding production schedules and the need for infallible safety standards. As a leading specialist in machine rigging, SCHOLPP has a level of expertise that is unmatched in Europe and its engineers are used to working with and rising above every challenge a project might throw at them. After more than half a century in the business SCHOLPP has successfully relocated and installed machinery of every size and description and built an unrivalled resource of machine rigging equipment in the process.

High-tech machine rigging

Worth 30 million euros, the SCHOLPP pool of machine rigging equipment includes everything from 1,000 ton lifting gantries to low bed trailers which will carry a load of up to 220 tons. There are high-tech machine rigging solutions such as platforms that utilise air cushion technology to move loads of up to 70 tons through areas with height restrictions; specialised aluminium gantries for shifting loads over floors with restricted load bearing capacity and sensors that monitor conditions during transportation. And when the job calls for something special the company can design and building a custom rigging solution. Machine rigging services this advanced need experts to perform, people who know exactly what techniques are required to get the job done to the required standards. SCHOLPP has both the equipment and the people to get the job done and to get it done well - every time.