Machinery installation

Machinery installation completes project success

Machinery installation is the final stage in a process that might have begun many months previously in a country half way around the world. It is the stage at which machinery is unpacked, reassembled, realigned, connected to essential services and then tested exhaustively to ensure it works at peak operating efficiency when it finally goes into production. Machinery installation is one of the most critical parts of the whole process. This is why plant relocation specialist SCHOLPP uses a multi-disciplinary team of engineers for every machinery installation it carries out. The team is formed at the start of the project to familiarise team members with the customer's technology and to get to know the plant before it is dismantled. Depending on the needs of the project, the machinery installation team will typically consist of specialists from the fields of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering along with experts in heavy lifting technology.

High-tech back up for machinery installation

The engineers are backed up by an equipment resource that is the largest and most comprehensive in Europe. Worth 40 million euros, the equipment includes state-of-the-art measuring technology to ensure the machinery installation is carried out with the absolute precision required for today's production plant. This is not just in positioning the machinery, often to tolerances the thickness of a human hair, but in aligning it precisely so production will run smoothly and without defects. The SCHOLPP team takes care of every stage of the machinery installation process - mechanical and electrical connections, hooking the plant up to utilities such as compressed air and water, and carrying out all electrical and electronic installation work. After thorough checks and testing the plant is handed over to the customer with full, ongoing back-up available if required. For the SCHOLPP team it will be one more successful machinery installation to add to all the rest.