Machinery relocation

Machinery relocation hits the high seas

Some machinery relocation jobs are so big and complex they challenge the imagination. When the Uruguayan newspaper El Pais bought two printing plants from across the Atlantic the statistics involved in the machinery relocation were staggering. One plant alone filled 80 overseas containers and required two freighters to carry it. The scale of the project is hard to imagine but for machinery relocation specialists SCHOLPP it was all in a day's work. In its 50 year history the company has been responsible for relocating and installing every type of heavy plant and machinery, from the very biggest to smaller, specialist machines that require laboratory-like precision to get them to their new site undamaged. The El Pais project is a good example of how the company works and how its expertise and resources have made it one of the biggest and best known machinery relocation specialists.

Modular solutions for machinery relocation

SCHOLPP's modular services mean a customer is able to choose exactly what they need from a comprehensive range of every engineering speciality involved in machinery relocation. For the El Pais project that process started with the dismantling, cleaning and packing of the first plant in Germany and the dispatching of it to Uruguay. A specialist machinery relocation team from the company was on hand to supervise its arrival and overland transport to the new location. Working closely with the main contractor, the machinery relocation team then set about reassembling the machine. A second press arrived a few months later and was also expertly installed and commissioned with the SCHOLPP machinery relocation engineers handling all mechanical and electrical reassembly. The whole process took just nine months, a major achievement for the team considering the scale of the project. It is typical of the SCHOLPP commitment - every project on time with all targets met, no matter how big the plant being moved.