Plant relocation

Meeting the challenge of plant relocation

The challenge of heavy plant relocation is that no two jobs are the same. When the machinery weighs anything from ten to hundreds of tons yet needs to be moved with great delicacy there is no standard way to approach the project and no standard equipment that will be up to the task. Specialist plant relocation experts like SCHOLPP know all about the challenges: the company has been moving heavy plant for over half a century and has seen and done it all. Everything from handling plant relocation in manufacturing 'clean rooms', where the ingress of just one dust particle can be a major disaster, to dismantling and moving an entire automobile press line to a site 90 kilometres away through freezing winter conditions. Using advanced lifting and moving equipment the highly trained SCHOLPP specialists meet every plant relocation challenge with a total commitment to get the job done and to get it done well.

Total plant relocation solutions

With machinery this size the business of plant relocation is a complex one involving many different stages such as planning, dismantling, packing, transport and re-commissioning. SCHOLPP understands this and has developed a modular plant relocation service that allows a customer to use as much or as little of its expertise as they want. The company can be engaged to handle the whole project from start to finish or brought in to handle just one specialist aspect. It also offers an ongoing repair and maintenance service once the plant is running again. Throughout the plant relocation process engineers work closely with customers to learn everything there is to know about the  technology. Nothing is left to chance. Multi-disciplinary teams of mechanical, electronic and electrical engineers ensure every area is covered and the equipment used is unmatched in Europe. SCHOLPP calls it total solutions - and it is not hard to see why.