Rigging companies

Services Provided by Rigging Companies

Rigging companies generally provide a wide range of services and products to meet the diverse needs of all types of industrial plant and construction facilities no matter how big or small. While some rigging companies specialise in one particular area such as machine installation or relocation, others act as a one-stop-shop for all needs and requirements associated with plant operation and maintenance. The primary services offered by rigging companies are machine installation, assembly, moving, maintenance and repair of all types of equipment from heavy load vehicles and units such as cranes to smaller more sensitive tools and intricate tool components which demand a high degree of sensitivity in their handling. All of these processes and activities require a breadth of expertise and a high degree of professional skill and knowledge in order to be successfully carried out with minimal problems, costs and delays to the operation of the plant.

The Best in Rigging Companies

SCHOLPP, one of the leading and most comprehensive of rigging companies, provides a wide selection of services, equipment and skills which aim to meet the ever-changing and substantial demands of any type of plant facility. Unlike other rigging companies, SCHOLPP encompasses all of the possible requirements of plants to provide effective solutions for all manner of problems and needs. Large and resourceful enough to take on the most complex of jobs yet small and personable enough to maintain effective personal customer relations, SCHOLPP is owner-managed and entirely customer focused. The company also specialises in areas such as machinery installation, relocation and removal and has decades of global experience in each of these fields. With a well-tuned customer service approach dating back over 50 years, combined with the knowledge and usage of the latest in technology, SCHOLPP are among the best in rigging companies and offer solutions tailored to the unique needs of each individual client both regionally and internationally.