Mechanical installation

Mechanical installation - high-tech approach to project success

The mechanical installation of machinery or heavy plant is just as critical as the process of getting it from one place to another safely and without damage. Modern plant is not only bigger than ever before, it is also highly sensitive and complex and requires expert mechanical installation to ensure it operates at full capacity to the exacting tolerances required today. SCHOLPP employs specialists from every related engineering discipline to ensure it offers clients the option of full mechanical installation as part of its range of modular packages that enable customers to choose just the services they need to complete a project. As with all SCHOLPP services, the mechanical installation is dealt with by highly-trained specialists who have some of the most advanced equipment in Europe at their disposal.

Sophisticated gear for advanced mechanical installation

SCHOLPP's 30 million euro range of mechanical installation equipment includes sophisticated measuring devices such as theodolites and tachymeters that enable engineers to position even the biggest pieces of a plant to a tolerance no thicker than a human hair. Advanced air cushion technology allows them to move 70 ton machinery into places where space is at a premium, while special aluminium gantries are available for moving heavy plant over floors with reduced load-bearing capacity. Once the plant is in position the mechanical installation experts get to work on assembling and aligning machinery, completing all electrical and electronic installation and connecting utilities such as electricity, compressed air and water. After running all necessary tests and checks the plant is commissioned and handed over to the customer with full support documentation. And the SCHOLPP involvement doesn't stop there - once the plant is up and running it offers an ongoing repair and maintenance service package to ensure it keeps on working efficiently for years to come.